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The Sage team will collaborate with you to create and maintain a sustainable and flourishing landscape. We offer various services throughout the year, from weekly lawn maintenance, to landscape design, hedge and shrub installation and maintenance, mulch and rock bed installation and maintenance, fall aerations and leaf removal, plus  snow and ice management.

We work diligently so you have more time to enjoy your outdoor living space.

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Spring & Summer Management

Your lawn in the introduction to your property. Combining our Weekly Lawn Maintenance with the use of best practices, such as proper cutting height, using regularly sharpened blades, and recycling grass clippings back into the yard when possible, we ensure that your lawn has the proper care to help it thrive the entire season. Sage’s Lawn Maintenance always includes trimming/weed whacking, grass cutting, and blowing debris off all walkways.

Hedges, shrubs and trees add a depth of detail and interest to your outdoor experience.  Trimming these plants too early or too late can cause them to lose their blooms for the season, or potentially cause other kinds of damage. We know what to trim, how to trim, and when to trim to keep your plants flourishing. 

Despite your best efforts, nature has taken back some ground! Whether it’s overgrown grass, that invasive vine you can’t get rid of, or a bunch of thick weeds taking over an  area, we have the heavy-duty, commercial-grade equipment necessary to handle it all.

Start the season off with a fresh layer of mulch to give your yard the “pop” it needs to stand out. Fresh mulch also decreases weeds and provides a nutrient source for your plants as it breaks down. Rock beds also need care every now and then. We can spruce them up a bit, cleaning out the weeds and debris, or adding extra stones if necessary.

If you’re looking for something not listed above, please contact us and see  if we can still help you out.

Fall Management

Aeration can breathe new life into your summer-stressed lawn, literally! Core aerations open up the ground to allow a combination of oxygen and nutrients into the grass roots, promoting a thicker lawn over time.

We also offer overseeding, fertilizing, and top dressing alongside this service, optimizing the benefits.

The fall season means a lot of leaf blowing, and we can help with that. Our commercial-grade equipment efficiently moves your leaves to the curb, where we remove them with a heavy-duty vacuum.


Already gathered your leaves? No problem — we also offer curbside leaf removal service and can remove the pile for you.

Your perennials, shrubs and plants can have better success the next season  with proper trimming and care going into winter.  For newer, younger plants, we can also apply mulch if  necessary to help insulate root systems.

Winter Management

We currently only offer residential snow removal. Using commercial-grade equipment,we get the snow cleared  promptly and apply an appropriate de-icer afterward.  We select from multiple products, depending on the temperature, ensuring your property stays clear.

Landscape Design

Bring your yard to life with the addition of a mulch bed. We know details matter, and that is why we take the time to establish a well defined edge or border, properly prepare the ground, and install high quality mulch at proper depth, ensuring any plants you install will thrive.

If you are looking for a low maintenance alternative to mulch, a Rock Bed might be the right option.With a range of options for stone type, color, shape, and size, we can help you create the perfect rock bed for your landscape. Rock beds are also a good solution around ponds, pools and borders around fences.

Perennials and Annuals give your yard personality. With a multitude of options from color, size, pattern, height (and so forth!), these gardens tell an artistic story. They also provide a home for desired beneficial insects, such as honeybees and butterflies.

Hedges, Shrubs and Groundcovers provide visual structure and order, as well as points of interest to your landscape. These plants also help to discourage soil erosion and weeds.


Trees give height to your garden and provide your landscape with shade and privacy. Trees also provide a home for birds and other wildlife.

Lawn damage can occur for any number of reasons. Hot summer heat can leave you with burnt grass. Poor drainage can saturate your soil and rot root systems. Maybe you had some construction done and heavy equipment tore up some of the grass, or left you with a bare patch of clay, rocky soil. We can correct those issues and get your lawn back to normal.

Hardscape Design

Retaining walls play an important role in your outdoor space. Because of the amount of weight they hold, it’s crucial that walls are installed using the proper techniques. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. We use the highest quality materials and expert practices to ensure that your wall enhances your outdoor space while standing the test of time. 

Thinking about a big addition? A beautiful stone patio or walkway is the perfect way to tie your landscape and your outdoor seating space together. Proper installation means you don’t have to worry about shifting or sinking, so you can enjoy your new addition for years.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, brought home a furry addition, or just want some additional privacy, we can help you get a fence installed that meets your goals. 


Nana S.
5 out of 5 — Google Review
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Matt & Sage Lawn are fabulous! Trying to deal with my dad in home hospice while being quarantined at my home for the week. I miscommunicated my needs to Matt for the first snow of the season but then I realized my mistake & Matt took care of it the next day. He is so nice to deal with & has the patience of a saint. Thank you Matt & your crew for being so awesome! Highly recommend! *****
Katie S.
5 out of 5 — Google Review
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Matt and his team are fantastic! They’re incredibly reliable and they provide great service at a reasonable price. I use Sage for both grass cutting and snow removal and I couldn’t be more pleased! Highly recommend!
Joe B.
5 out of 5 — Google Review
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Excellent service from Matt and his team. Incredible communication. Very reasonable on the price for the work done. I called from out of state to have some work done on my sister's house. Matt is the only person that responded as I was looking to hire someone. Top notch service. Sage will get all our business in the future.
Bridget J.
5 out of 5 — Google Review
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Professional, good price, clear communication when weather impacts mowing schedule. Lawn looks better than it ever has! Never any mess left on sidewalk after. Very happy with work by Matt and his team!
Kenzie M.
5 out of 5 — Google Review
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Hard working crew. Love the design of their trucks and website too. Very professional.
Barbara K.
5 out of 5 — Google Review
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Matt has been taking care of my lawn for several years. The quality of his work is top notch and he is extremely reasonable. Besides doing a great job he is friendly, professional and always willing to help in any way possible. I would absolutely recommend his services.