Spring Services

Mulch, Rock, & Garden Beds

Bring your yard to life with the addition of a mulch bed. We know details matter, and that is why we take the time to establish a well defined edge or border, properly prepare the ground, and install high quality mulch at proper depth, ensuring any plants you install will thrive.


If you are looking for a low maintenance alternative to mulch, a Rock Bed might be the right option. With a range of options for stone type, color, shape, and size, we can help you create the perfect rock bed for your landscape. Rock beds are also a good solution around ponds, pools and borders around fences.

Additional Spring Services...

Hedges, Shrubs, & Trees

Hedges, Shrubs and Groundcovers provide visual structure and order, as well as points of interest to your landscape. These plants also help to discourage soil erosion and weeds. Trees give height to your garden and provide your landscape with shade and privacy. Trees also provide a home for birds and other wildlife.

Trimming these plants too early or too late can cause them to lose their blooms for the season, or potentially and  cause other kinds of damage. We know what to trim, how to trim, and when to trim to keep your plants flourishing.

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Perennial & Annual Gardens

Perennials and Annuals give your yard personality. With a multitude of options from color, size, pattern, height (and so forth!), these gardens tell an artistic story. They also provide a home for desired beneficial insects, such as honeybees and butterflies.


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Seasonal Lawn Aeration

Aeration can breathe new life into your summer-stressed lawn, literally! Core aerations open up the ground to allow a combination of oxygen and nutrients into the grass roots, promoting a thicker lawn over time.

We also offer overseeding, fertilizing, and top dressing alongside this service, optimizing the benefits.

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